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Powerful technology. Easy to use.

Classroom helps you spend less time doing tech support, and more time giving a great lesson.

It's frustrating when you end up spending precious lesson time trying to get video software to work. We built classroom around the idea that online lessons should be easy for both you and your students.

No Clunky Software to Download

In the past, you had to download software in order to teach a class online. The problem with software is that it's hard to get it working. You have to install it, get it set up right, fix it when it crashes, and ensure you don't introduce or download viruses to your computer.

Well, those frustrating days are over for you and your students.

TakeLessons Classroom works right in your browser window — with no clunky software to download.


Sure classroom is easy to use, but we still turbo-charged it with powerful features you need to deliver an incredible experience.

The 'education-first' design means lightning fast video and audio rendering, with faster, more secure transfer speeds.

More and more students are learning on their mobile device. With classroom, you can be confident in knowing that your students will be able to learn whenever and wherever they wish — on laptops, phones, tablets, and TV's.

Best of all, these powerful features are elegantly integrated into the TakeLessons user account. This means both you and your students have a central dashboard that makes it easy to stay organized and get results.

TakeLessons Classroom — Easy, Yet Powerful.

Built For Education. Built For You.

Classroom helps you elevate your online teaching experience.

Accommodate Different Learning Styles

Each student learns differently. That's why classroom uses audio, video, instant messaging, shared screen applications, and recording functions to help you provide a rich, engaging learning experience for your students.

Coming August 17

Lesson Recording

Help your students grasp those key concepts — even after the lesson has ended. Now, you can record each lesson with high quality video and audio. Your students can watch past lessons, practice important concepts, and be better prepared for the next lesson.

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It is fulfilling to see your student grasp that key concept. Their eyes light up, and a smile covers their face.

But what happens when the lesson is over? How do they stay motivated?

With classroom, each session can be recorded for playback later. Students can experience that "ah-ha" moment over and over - even after the lesson has ended - by simply logging into their account and watching the lesson again. This incredible tool helps the student stay motivated and remember what they should be practicing.

Teach children? You can share the recording automatically with parents. This helps you work with parents to reinforce class objectives, while encouraging the parents to become engaged in the learning experience.

Of course, you also have access to class recordings. This helps you stay organized and better prepared for future lessons.

With classroom, you don't need expensive and cumbersome video editing software. TakeLessons automatically processes and stores the video lesson in the TakeLessons cloud. Best of all, the recordings are always easily available in the TakeLessons user account.

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Screen Sharing, Homework Assignments, and Lesson Notes

Classroom makes it easy for you to share your screen with your students. Just click a button and you're in full control of what you share — safely and securely.

Classroom helps you organize homework and lesson notes. Just type it in the chat box or upload a file. The homework and lesson notes are automatically stored in the student's user account for easy access.

Sharing important information with your students has never been easier.

Available for ALL Your Students

Now, create a WOW experience for all your students — not just those received through TakeLessons. Classroom can be used for your non-TakeLessons students through your BookWithMe™ profile. This lets you use one technology to manage your entire student roster.

  • Learning Styles
  • Recording
  • Screen Sharing
  • For All Your Students

Good for students. Good for you.

Classroom helps you rank higher and earn more money.

For ten years, TakeLessons has helped over 100,000 instructors make a better living doing what they love. Classroom is the next step. We worked with hundreds of our top instructors to design a product that's both easy to use, and good for your business.

Reduced Lesson Cancellations and No-Shows

When students cancel or forget to attend your class, you lose money. With classroom, you can now automatically remind your students of upcoming lessons. No more searching for lesson links. We make it as easy as click, smile, and learn.

Get More Reviews

When you receive a review from your student, it increases the chances that other new prospective students will pick you. In fact, 74% of new students will choose a teacher with 4 or more reviews.

Classroom is the only system on the market that automatically encourages your students to write a review for you. This powerful feature is the absolute best way to elevate your teaching reputation.

No monthly fees

Most professional online education platforms charge between $99 to $399 a month. We took a different path — and you'll be happy we did. As a TakeLessons Partner, you have access to use classroom with no additional fees. That's right — you get classroom at a 100% discount.

Don't settle for ordinary software.

Classroom helps you stand out with your students.

Let's face it. Most online video platforms were built to replace phone calls — not to run your teaching studio. Because of that, they miss the most critical components needed to make your life easier.

That's why classroom is different. Our platform was built from the ground up for teaching professionals. We built classroom for you.

We hope you'll agree that classroom isn't just a great technology, it's the right technology for you and your students.

TakeLessons Skype FaceTime Hangouts
Connecting Just click a link - no need to share any contact info Privacy Concerns: Share your Skype handle for other party to call Personal information shared: Share your phone # / email for other party to call Personal information shared: Share your email address so other party can invite you
Lesson Recording Hard to use and costly: Must pay for and download and install another 3rd party app Cumbersome: Must download, install 3rd party app Cumbersome: Must download, install 3rd party app
File Sharing Cumbersome: The file must first be uploaded to Google Docs
Screen Sharing
Access to Structured Recording Archive
Notes and Homework Linked to Lesson Recording Archive
Automated Lesson Reminders
Automated way to increase student reviews
Increases your search rankings on TakeLessons
Ties with your student's billing and scheduling account
The fastest way to mark completed lessons and get paid

Online education made easy

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